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Willow Warbler singing - Isle of Mull 

I had parked my car in a layby on the road along the shore of Loch Scridain, when I heard this

Willow Warbler singing. I soon located it on a lone Willow tree on the side of the hill.

The bird was approachable, and I was able to take stills and video for half an hour. 

It was still singing two days later, and I hoped it had found a mate.

Great Crested Grebes Mating - River Thames

During courtship, the Grebes build a basic floating platform of twigs and vegetation. 

The female lies on it and the male approaches from behind.

What happens after that may surprise you!

Great Crested Grebe Family - River Thames

The Grebes produced four young, and this video shows them in the river near their nest
the day after the fourth chick hatched. Grebes take feathers from their breast, and
feed them to their young, to help them digest the fish that they eat.

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