In the natural world there is often behaviour which a still image cannot show well, and 

I started  taking some video a few years ago. There are two examples in previous

pages, and here are a few more of my early video clips.

I intend to spend more time shooting video in future. 

Great-crested Grebes mating - River Thames

This pair have started building a rudimentary nest in a backwater of the Thames and are using it as a platform

for mating.  They completed the nest and went on to produce four young about 5 weeks later.

Willow Warbler singing - Isle of Mull 

I had parked my car in a layby on the road along the shore of Loch Scridain, when I heard this

Willow Warbler singing. I soon located it on a lone Willow tree on the side of the hill.

The bird was approachable, and I was able to take stills and video for half an hour. 

It was still singing two days later, and I hoped it had found a mate.

Great-crested Grebe family

This short video clip shows adults with 4 young immediately after leaving the nest.  This usually happens

soon after the last egg has hatched - the young Grebes are able to swim within a day of hatching.

As small fish are part of their diet, Grebes regularly swallow  feathers from their plumage

to help them digest the fish bones. You will see one of the adults wetting a feather

to help the chick to swallow it, but that fails and the adult swallows it!