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This was my second trip to the Danube Delta.  A small group of us stayed in a remote Pension in the northern part of the Delta and went out each day in a camouflaged boat.  That enabled us to get quite close to birds without disturbing them.  Below is a selection of images taken in the Delta and in a hilly area to the west.  

European Bee Eater


The Delta contains a variety of Heron species, and the gallery below has a selection of images of

Squacco Herons, Purple Herons, and Great White Egrets

Black -throated & Red-throated Grebes

These species are reasonably common in the Delta, and there are also some Great-crested Grebes.  The

images of the Red-throated Grebes show the adult feeding young with the lava of the

Great Diving Beetle, a popular source of food for several species.

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